I would, and do, recommend Ellen to anyone who needs chiropractic care! She has helped me so much over the years and has made all the difference between hurting and pain free! Besides being so good, she cares so much and goes out of her way to make that difference.

Maggie Haigas, Bernardston, Mass.


I had been having moderate lower back pain on a daily basis for over 15 years due to an old martial arts injury. Occasionally I had paralyzing pain which caused me to lose time from work and left me basically unable to function.

Over the years my doctors had sent me to countless physical therapy appointment s with no improvement. They told me that chiropractic care would not help my injury even though I complained that my hips felt unbalanced. Only weeks of rest and little to no physical activity would reduce the pain.

About 3 years ago while lifting a propane tank, I severely injured my back. I could not move without excruciating pain and spasms, and was unable to sit. My new doctor suggested I see a chiropractor. That's when I called Ellen.

I hobbled to my first appointment not knowing what to expect, having heard all types of rumors about chiropractors. I could barely get on the examination table I was in so much pain. Ellen spent an hour with me and after one final adjustment, 15 years of pain was gone. I was able to walk without pain for the first time in 15 years. It was just amazing.

I visit Ellen quarterly to keep my body in tune, and she has always seen me quickly in an emergency. 

Ellen is professional, knowledgeable and easy to talk to. I would highly recommend her to everyone.

Mary Lou M., Greenfield, Mass.

Ellen, thank you for the work you do! You have single handedly restored my faith in the human race! I feel great, my back feels healthy and I appreciate everything you've done for me!
Patrick Travis, Messena, N.Y.


I'm a 52 year old man with a new family of three children. Over the years I have seen in excess of a dozen chiropractors for spinal issues. I am a very physically active; teaching martial arts, yoga, etc. I depend on my body.

Dr. M has not only resolved my injuries but has restored my body to a point I have not experienced since high school. Her sensitive touch is guided by a world of knowledge, thought and caring.
Gary Newcomb, Martial Arts Master

Ellen is an amazing chiropractor. She takes her time and works with you. I highly recommend her.
Joan G., Athol, Mass.