Frequently asked questions

Q.  Does the treatment hurt? 
A. No, is the short answer. I don't play tug of war with your neck or any other part of your spine. I relax and distract you, while I make a quick and painless adjustment. In some of the set ups, there is some stretch, which simply feels like a stretch. If you're excessively tight, you'll feel it more. Sometimes there is a noise (see next question) which startles people from time to time.

Q.  What is that "cracking" noise?
A.  When the joint has been compressed gases can build up there. When the joint is adjusted the gases escape and that's what you hear. Sometimes you will not hear that sound, however, you receive the adjustment just the same.

Q. I've heard that once you start going to a chiropractor you have to go for the rest of your life. Will I have to keep coming back?
A. In many cases I can correct the problem in a few visits. It all depends on the scope of the problem and your current state of health. Many people choose to make chiropractic care part of their health care strategy because they feel so much better. People come monthly, seasonally, yearly. That's fantastic and I encourage it, but it is in no way required.

Q. Are you a "real" doctor?
A. Yes. I am licensed chiropractic physician in the state of Massachusettes. Chiropractors focus on the musculoskeletal system, the vertebral subluxation specifically, and the correction of it. We do not prescribe medication or perform surgery.

Q. My medical doctor doesn't believe in chiropractic. I'd like to come in. What should I do?
A. Most likely your doctor has never been adjusted. Doctors that understand what we do recommend it. Regardless of your doctor's belief, you are ultimately in charge of your health. The key is educating yourself and making sure that the practitioners you collaborate with, concerning your health, are well informed.

Q. I'm not sure if my insurance covers. Do you barter?  
A. Yes. I consider barters. Got WOOD?