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What is chiropratic

Chiropractors locate and correct spinal misalignments (technically called vertebral subluxations). Simply put, we free up the restricted joint space to alleviate pressure on the nerves. This is done in a gentle, hands-on form of spinal adjustment.
Why is this important? 
The spine houses the spinal cord, which is the extension of the brain. The brain sends vital information (via electrical impulses) to the rest of the body down the spinal cord through spinal nerves, which are located between the vertebrae, and branch into millions more that reach every part of the body. A nerve that is "pinched" between the vertebrae will inhibit the body's ability to receive and process these electrical impulses, or information. Common symptoms incude tingling, numbness, burning, swelling, inability to focus, headache, irritability (as in "my nerves are shot!"), weakness of an extremity, radiating pain, bedwetting (children), the list goes on.
Constant and chronic nerve pressure can lead to very serious issues and eventual deterioration of health, aside from the discomfort of symptoms alone, which can range from mild to very severe. Sometimes a pinched nerve may show no symptoms initially, which is all the more reason to get checked on a regular basis.