I was able to walk without pain for the first time in 15 years... more

Mary Lou M., Greenfield, Mass.




Ellen's approach

My approach is holistic, thorough, direct and unhurried. I work like a detective, which is necessary when dealing with an individual's health issues.  Some people present in an obvious way ("I was hit from behind while parked in my car reading the paper !"). Others are not so clear ("I have this strange pain, well I really wouldn't call it a pain... it's more like a...."). Whether straightforward or difficult to pinpoint, there are many things to take into consideration.

We will take a good amount of time to do a very thorough history and exam, taking into consideration your current lifestyle, then determine how best to get you back to where you were or where you want to be, in a time-frame that works.

We can discuss any concerns you have regarding your health and issues related to it. Because chiropractors have a "back to the basics approach" people tend to consult with us about various aspects of holistic health and I will help you in those areas where I can.