Network Spinal Analysis (NSA)

Network Spinal Analysis, more commonly known as Network Chiropratic, is a technique I offer that was developed in the '80s by chiropractor Donald Epstein and has since received worldwide recognition. NSA addresses the spine through the meninges, the fibrous network that surrounds the spinal cord, holding it in place.

When the nervous system is overloaded from stress and cannot adequatetly process all that comes at it physically, emotionally and chemically, the meninges will hold the memory pattern of that unresolved stress - eventually producing a rigid and inflexible spine, visible not only in a person's physical posture but also in the way they function in their day to day lives. This overload, if not addressed, eventually results in the decrease of vitality or life force, as well as in physical symptomology.

NSA restores the spine to normalcy. Over time, those treated feel greater flexibility and less rigidity in their spines and in their lives. Patients have reported everything from growing taller to relief from anxiety and depression. The experience itself is very relaxing.

The technique is done by applying gentle pressure at very precise contact points, along the spine, which are determined by chiropractic anaylsis, specific to NSA.